100% HANDMADE: The handmade mosaic glass table lamps are uniquely hand made by experienced artisans with Turkish style to create a warm ambiance of romantic intrigue and to also decorate your room, pub or coffee house.
BEAUTIFUL WORK OF ART: Our handmade table lamp can be artfully displayed. It comprises a bronze metal body and swan neck arm with mosaic lantern that make it look pretty and stunning when it is light up at night.
HIGH QUALITY AND DURABLE: Our Turkish Moroccan Handmade Lamps are made using quality materials. They are brand new, personally checked and will not compromise on quality. They are made of high quality metal and extra fine cut colored glass that are designed to last for generations. The glass is colored stained glass throughout and will not fade.Electric wire and E14 LED lighting bulb included
UNIQUE DESIGN: The Turkish glass mosaic table lamp is uniquely crafted by making use of precision cut pieces, it contains cut glass piece which are carefully placed together to produce a special lamp pattern on a unique lamp shade.Our handmade table lamp brings the perfect ambiance to your room. It is stylish and fits any décor. It is great for mood or accent lighting.Height : 48 cm(19″), Weight : Approx. 1.1KG(2.2 lb)

and Mosaic Lantern for Room Decoration
Handmade Turkish Glass Mosaic Table Lamp with Swan Neck Pole and Mosaic Lantern for Room Decoration (Mix color)